People come to Dojo because they understand we will help with their approach to digital marketing and social media. Usually, they are trying to work out what to do and how to do it in a way that is going to efficiently work for their business. Dojo goes further by offering expert levels of knowledge in helping our clients to understand why they need to do this work. Dojos singular cause is to make a wholly positive difference in everything we do for both the people we serve and for ourselves.

We make this happen by:

Understanding where you are right now, creating the strategy to take you to where you want to go and finally by helping you to successfully implement the work your need to do to make the good stuff happen! .

Dojo LinkedIn Consultancy Services

Why LinkedIn? Why Being on LinkedIn is Good for Your Business

If you think LinkedIn is just another social network, then you are missing a great opportunity to represent and promote your company, your brand and your team on what is now the largest online global professional network. With over 300 million users worldwide (over 15 million in the UK) and solid presences from most of the world-leading brands from every sector, LinkedIn is also more than just a place to put your CV when you are looking to get a new job. Find out how  Dojo can help you with Personal Profiles, Company pages, Content Creation and Linkedin Strategies to propel your business to the next level.

Authority Site

Online Search is big business, and big for business. One of the key factors in search is the trust that the search engines have in the published content. LinkedIn is a highly rated authority site. This means that content from LinkedIn (like company pages and individual profiles) will rank well in Search results on its own, and act as another search result to represent you, your brand or your company in a highly competitive space. Click here to

Building an Audience

To get your brand message across, you need multiple touch-points, ideally with an audience that has self-selected and express an interest. LinkedIn members can follow your company page, and receive your latest updates in the news feed whenever they sign in to the platform.

Networking is alive and well

At the heart of it, LinkedIn is based on the time-honoured practice of business networking, and the old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is still true today.

Due Diligence

In an increasingly global business world where face-to-face meetings are often fleeting, companies are doing their homework on you and your brand online. LinkedIn is becoming the go-to place for people to find out more about who they are dealing with on every level. A well-optimised presence will give give another dimension to the reputation of your company and your team, with personal recommendations from your network to highlight your strengths.

Community Management

For more important communications, where you are nurturing a community either with your customers or partners, LinkedIn Groups allow you to create controlled spaces within the platform for the members to interact.

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Personal Profile Consultancy Services

Personal Interview and profile creation for senior team members. Fully optimised profiles for key client facing staff members creating a clear and distinct profiles that clients can easily engage with.

Company Page Construction

An optimised company page offers a number of advantages to any business. It puts you ahead of the game by acting as a credible message of your companies capability It also greatly helps with due diligence. A company page communicates with power to your audience and allows you to form a community on a highly authoritative site. Showcase, promote and engage with your client base.

Platform Awareness Training

High-level training for all staff, including management and executives, to give an overview of the key attributes of LinkedIn, and how this platform can benefit your organisation.

Web and social Build Consultancy

Dojo  act as consultants for a new build web project acting on clients behalf to ensure they get what they have asked for. Things change and they change fast. We keep up so you don’t have to.

Platform Setup and Configuration

Getting LinkedIn set up in the right way is a better way to achieve your Goals within them.


Platform Training

If internal staff will be tasked with the maintenance of your companies LinkedIn presence, we can provide detailed training to efficiently use the LinkedIn platform Including the publishing content.

Digital Marketing Assessment Report

The first phase of creating any coherent Digital Marketing strategy is the preparation of a full and detailed assessment of the current Digital Marketing status of an organisation and the creation of a corresponding report.

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

A Digital Marketing Strategy to move the company towards its goals. A self-contained Digital Marketing Strategy that can be easily implemented either using internal staff, collaboratively with us, or by commissioning our services.

Mentored Profile Creation / Optimisation Services

Workshops for up to 6 staff members
1/2 or full day workshops

Digital Media Production Consulting

The production of digital media (Video, Audio, Digital Documents and Images) is the cornerstone of any Digital Marketing campaign and should be done with quality and consistency. Dojo can provide consultancy on effective the capture, creation and management of Digital Media.

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